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Windows 8 OS Preview Review

I installed Windows 8 Developer Preview last year on a virtual machine in my non-touch screen laptop. The most prominent feature is the new start screen and login screen. You can download it for free .

Windows 8 user interface is like the Metro style in my Windows Phone 7. There are live styles and minimalistic design in the home screen although Start Menu and Windows Explorer is still available. Windows 8 will be available into two platforms, x86 for desktop, laptop and netbook and ARM for tablet. According to Microsoft, Windows 8 for ARM tablet includes the latest version of Microsoft Office.

Coming later this year, Windows 8 final version will be available to consumers and it will be a fight between Android, iOS and Windows 8 in the tablets. Mac OS X Mountain Lion will compete also with Windows 8 in desktop, laptop and netbook.

Finally, a Windows version specifically designed for touch interface will be release. Windows 7 is not good for tablet use because its icons and buttons are kind of small and it is not designed for tablets. Admittedly, I am using Windows for my home and office use especially for content creation. It will be great that I can use Microsoft Office and specific Windows-only programs on the go on my future Windows tablet. Organizing and browsing files will be simple just like the old Windows Explorer style and I can open any files without restrictions. Imagine, using Primavera and Microsoft Office in full featured mode in a tablet.

Take note that for windows snapping, your screen should have at least 1366 x 768 resolution. So first check the specs if you will buy a Windows tablet and computer now. Better, buy after Windows 8 is released so it will be pre-installed and you will be sure that Windows 8 will be full-featured when you will use it. News is that when your current computer is capable of running Windows 7, it will run also. The only restriction that I can think of is the screen resolution restrictions in opening apps (1024 x 768) and windows snapping (1366 x 768). That's why I can open some apps in my virtual machine because of the screen resolution restrictions.

Just now, Microsoft released a Consumer Preview of Windows 8 in x86 platform (Intel / AMD / Via). 



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