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Facebook Privacy Setting

I recently have a post regarding Facebook account settings. Here, I will thoroughly explain the privacy settings. Go to uppermost right section, then click the down arrow and choose "Privacy Settings". Be sure to at least configure the settings in bold blue color. Some settings are self-explanatory so I didn't tackle them.

1. Control Your Default Privacy - Choose any of the 3 options. This will control the default privacy settings for you status updates and photos. I choose "Custom".

I categorized my friends lists into 3 different groups (Family, Close Friends and Friends) so it will be easier for me to customize my viewers whenever I upload photos or shout-out. In addition, you can add friends to "Restricted" list if you're not to close with them.

2. How You Connect - You can choose "Everyone", "Friends of Friends" or "Friends". If you choose "Everyone", there is a great chance that your friend outside of Facebook will be able to search for you. But if you only want certain group of people to connect with you, you can change your settings here.

3. Timeline and Tagging

3.1. You should enable the "Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline" and "Review tags friends add to your own posts on Facebook" so you can approve first when a friend tags you or someone before they appear on your timeline and posts.
3.2. Enable "Allow friends to check you in with mobile places" if you want friends to tag you when they check-in a certain place. Be sure to disable this if you're going to a red zone ahhah, or your wife / GF will know haahahah (^_^)
4. Apps and Websites

4.1. Apps you use - This section lists all 3rd party application you use with Facebook. Click "Edit Settings" to allow/restrict access of these apps to all/some of your Facebook account and data. You can also remove unwanted apps or turn off all apps.
4.2. How people bring your info to apps they use - Your friends can use your info when they use apps. Apps and website can use this info so your friend's experience will be better and more social. Personally, I check only "If I'm online".
4.3. Instant personalization - Uncheck "Enable instant personalization on partner website" if you don't want a customization base on your Facebook data when you visit other websites partnered with Facebook.
4.4. Public search - If you enable this, people who are searching for you by your name in search engines will be able to see a preview of youre timeline.
5. Limit the Audience for Past Post - Facebook is giving you a chance to change the audience of your old posts on your timeline from "with friends of friends" and "Public" to "Friends" only. People who are tagged and their friends may see those posts also.
6. Blocked People and Apps - Here, you can add friends to your Restricted list, block someone so they cannot message or add you as a friend, app invites, event invites and apps.

Come back for Facebook Timeline / Profile settings.



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