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Mobile Phone Feature You Do Not Need

Some of the latest smartphone from the recently held Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, Spain featured quad-cores processors. Although these recent upgrades in hardware looks tempting, you may not need it. Here are some phone high-end features you may not need if you're a casual user: 

1. Dual Core / Quad Core Processors

If you will do simple texting, calling, browsing and not high multi-tasking, HD video recording or playing, then a 1 ghz single processor is enough for you. Some phone OS such as Windows Phone 7 and Android runs on single processor in flying colours.

2. Big screen

4.7 inchers and even the whopping 5.3" Samsung Galaxy Note will be a portability problem, in size and weight. Also, people will notice you when calling without the use of bluetooth headset. The advantage of bigger screen is it is great for viewing movies or browsing the internet. 

Typing on the on-screen keyboard is also a breeze.
Meanwhile, 3.7" to 4.3" screen is ideal size for browsing and portability. In addition, you can put it in your jean's pocket. This is a perfect companion if you have a 7" to 10" tablet with you.  This feature depends on your preference and usage.

3. Huge Data Plan

If you're only using your phone data plan on the road for a short period of time daily and you have existing home base internet subscription, you don't need 10 gb plan monthly. This huge data plan is OK if it comes with a subsidized new phone from your telecom provider. In case you need video or audio streaming on the go, you need that. Otherwise, 1 gb will suffice in checking Facebook, e-mail and browsing.

You should look for better package such as more free international and local SMS and calls.

4. Megapixel Myth

If you will just upload your photos to Facebook or use a desktop background or screen saver, you don't need 8 mp camera on your phone. A 2 mp cam in your phone will be good as common photo upload size is 640x480 to 800x600 (VGA/SVGA quality). The only reason why you need higher megapixels is if you will print in A3 or larger paper which is uncommon on casual users.
You should focus more on camera quality and features such as LED flash especially in low light conditions. In addition, a front camera is a plus if you will use video conferencing and self portraits.

5. iPhone S' Siri

Come on, do you always want to talk to your phone and ask only what is today's temperature? As of now, people will took notice of you if you talk to your phone and they will think you're crazy hahahah :) I think touch screen is quite good now as the main user interface.

6. 3D Screen and Photos

Umm... probably, 3D is good in watching in movie theaters but not on my phone and TV. Some people feels dizzy when they watch 3D. Nevertheless, some pricey phone are capable of playing and recording 3D photos and videos.

Instead of looking for a 3D feautre, why don't you look for a bigger screen 3.7" to 4.3" preferable. Browsing, watching movies and on-screen keyboard input is better.

7. Physical QWERTY Keyboard

If you always send long SMS and e-mail, this is a must. This additional feature also add bulk to your phone and it will be heavy (150 g or more). BlackBerry's provide excellent QWERTY keyboard but most of their screen are smaller.
For calling, moderate texting and browsing, an on-screen keyboard is OK. Be sure that you choose a phone with at least 3.5" screen so on-screen keyboard input is comfortable. You will get numerous input errors when your screen is small. For those with big hands, smaller screen is not an option. Believe me, I tried typing on screen in a 3.3" screen and it is a real pain. 

8.1080p Screen and Video

For me, this feature should be in your TV and not on your phone's screen. Most 3.7 and 4.3" screen have 480 x 800 and ~200 pixels density and they are sufficient.

Likewise, 1080p video recording feature is great if you will view it in your 1080p video capable TVs.

As I have said, better to get a bigger screen which is still pocketable.


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