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Facebook Account Setting

Facebook has 3 general sections for setting up your account. These are Account Settings, Privacy Settings and Timeline Settings. I will let you understand these settings in 3 parts. First, I will thoroughly discussed the Account Settings.

In the upper rightmost corner of Facebook, there is an arrow pointing down beside the Home. Click it and choose "Account Settings". Then on the upper left, you can see a list of settings you can customize. Make sure to at least configure the items in bold blue color below. Here are the explanations:


    1.1. Name - You can put your real name, nickname or just your first name.
    1.2. Username - A shortcut to your Facebook Timeline URL so friends can easily remember like Remember that you can only set once your username. You can't change it again.
    1.3. Email - This is where notifications will be sent and also in case you forgot your Facebook password (a must).
    1.4. Password - Choose a password which is easier for you to remember but harder for others to know. You can use alphanumeric characters, symbols or in caps.
    1.5. Networks - Show your joined networks such as schools, companies or organizations.
    1.6. Linked Accounts - Account from other websites that you linked to Facebook.
    1.7. Language - Choose your Facebook default language.
    1.8. Download a copy of your Facebook data - This is a must. In case you forget your password and there is no other way to recover or reset it or you want to have a backup copy of your Facebook profile, photos, etc.

    2.1. Security Question - In case you forget your password, Facebook will asks you this question and you will provide the answer.
    2.2. Secure Browsing - The URL will be changed to HTTPS instead of the usual HTTP which is less secure (enable this).
    2.3. Login Notification - If you login to your Facebook account from a device you haven't use before, it will send you an e-mail (enable this).
    2.4. Login Approvals - It will require you to enter a security code first  before an unrecognized device tries to login your account. Facebook will sent a security code to your mobile
    2.5. App Passwords - Password so you can access your apps.
    2.6. Recognized Devices - Lists all devices that you allowed to access your account.
    2.7. Active Sessions - Lists all logged in activities including previous ones. You can check if someone is using your account without your permission. It will show the location and time of previous access/usage of your account.
    2.8. Deactivate your account - It will temporarily disable your account. Your friends will not see any updates from you.

    3.1. Email Frequency - Facebook will e-mail you regarding privacy, security, payment, phot tag notifications and popular activities (enable this).
    3.2. Recent Notifications - Lists all notifications today and past weeks.
    3.3. All Notifications - You can configure this so any events on a certain Facebook feature, you will be notified via e-mail. If you don't want to receive numerous e-mails from Facebook, uncheck all (like I did :)

    4.1. Enable this so even if they are not your Facebook friends, they can still receive your public posts.
  5. APPS
    5.1. Lists all apps that you authorized to interact with your account. You can remove the apps you don't want to access your account. Be careful in allowing apps to access your account. Make sure they are not spam. Check the app on Google and do a search.

    6.1. If you want to send SMS to your phone and use Facebook feautures, enable this. However if you have already installed a dedicated Facebook app in your phone you don't need this except if you want to send SMS.

    7.1. Credit Balance - Your credits to buy items in playing games.
    7.2. Credit Purchase History - Lists all previous purchases.
    7.3. Payment Methods - Manages you credit card linked with your account.
    7.4. Preferred Currency - Change currency units.
    7.5. Facebook Adds

           7.5.1. Edit third party ad settings - Currently, Facebook does not give 3rd party   applications or ad networks the right to use your name or picture in ads. If they will allow this in the future, show you information to "No one" (only you) or "Only my friends".

           7.5.2. Edit social ads settings - When Facebook display an ad to your friends and consequently you like this ad also, it will show to your friends that you like this. In "Pair my social actions with ads for", choose "No one" or "Only my friends".

    More info on my coming posts about Facebook "Privacy Settings" and "Timeline / Profile Settings". 


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