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Pixel Ruler - Measure Anything on Your Screen

Pixel Ruler is a free program downloand and an on-screen ruler which you can measure display elements in pixels. This is a useful tool for graphic and web designers as well as bloggers. You can use it to measure screen elements such as graphic and photo.

DCPicker - Pick Any Color From Your Screen

DCPicker / Chunter is a on-screen color picker which displays color in HTML and RGB code. This is a useful to to bloggers, web and graphic designers to quickly copy a color on the screen.

Notepad++ - XML Source Code Color Editor

Notepad++ is a free program download and a source code editor which you can use to edit the template XML file of your blog. It features a multi-color highlighting scheme so you can easily know the start and end of html tags used in your template. Multiple tabbed windows are also an additional feature.

Windows Phone 7 Mango USB Storage

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 is the hottest news today in the tech world upon the revealing of Microsoft's Surface tablet and the features of WP8. Currently, if you want to get photos or media to and from your Windows Phone, you can use the Zune software that comes with your phone. Another way is to sync your files with SkyDrive.

If you want a simple USB storage enabler for your WP7 phone, you can download WP7 USB Storage Enabler,  a free program.

Yahoo! Answers - Q & A Online Service

Whenever I have some question regarding a new place, fixing something, etc., I can easily ask questions from an online community of Yahoo! Answers. This is a free online service you can use to ask and answer questions about everyting.

Google AdWords KeyWord - Find Best Tag

Google Adwords provides companies and individuals to place ads on Google advertising network. It has a Keyword Tool that you can use to know the top and most common search terms an Internet user is googling. I found out that I can use this tool to search the best label / tag for my blog posts.

Wikimapia - Online Wiki Map Service

Wikimapia is a free online service where you can an interactive map with description, address, Wikipedia link and category. It features a map with user marked-objects with useful description. The map is based on Google Maps. 

Windows Phone 8 / Apollo OS Feature

Fresh from a Surface tablet introduction, Microsoft just released the details for its upcoming Windows Phone 8 / Apollo OS for mobile phones. It will be available this last quarter together with Windows 8 OS and Surface tablet.



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