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Rohos Mini Drive - Secret Flash Partition

Rohos Mini Drive creates a private storage (partition) of 2 gb in your USB or hard disk. To access your storage, simply input your password and the drive will be available in Windows Explorer / My Computer. This is useful when you have private files and you want to put in your USB. Now, whenever I go, I have direct access to my important personal files securely. This is a free program download.

Rohos Mini Drive is also available in portable edition. You can use it without Admin permission and without installation. Use it when you don't have access to your computer.

Rohos Mini Drive Options

Rohos Mini Drive Portable
  1. Download and install Rohos Mini Drive.
  2. Click Encrypt Drive. Insert and select your USB Drive's letter.
  3. Select Change after "Partition container file:"
  4. Change the file system to FAT32 so it will be full-write compatible with Mac OS. There is a limit of 2050 mb for free edition.
  5. Click Ok then input your password twice and "Create Disk". Wait.
  6. Open "Rohos mini.exe" in the root (top) folder of the USB drive and enter your password.

You can also copy the hidden "_rohos" folder and the "Rohos mini.exe" in your hard drive and open it from there. Now, you have a separate encrypted partition without partitioning your hard drive.


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