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Dropbox - Sync and Backup File Online

If you want to view, sync and backup your files across multiple platform and devices for free, use Dropbox, a free program download and online service . It has a 2 GB of free storage where you can view, upload or download your documents, photos and music in their internet server.

All you need is to register at Dropbox to get your free account. Initially, you will be entitled for additional 250 MB if you follow some instructions on quest page. If you need additional storage you can pay or invite more users. That is 250 mb storage per referred user up to 8 GB additional storage.
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It is advisable not to put your private files such as passwords, credit card numbers, scanned birth certificates, etc. In case you need to put such files, use Rohos Mini Drive or Truecrypt for encryption. Don't fully rely on DropBox as your sole backup service. I advise you to make a local copy of files you uploaded to DropBox. This can be stored in an external hard drive, DVD, CD and even USB drives.


You can even share your Dropbox folders to other users.Here's where I use dropbox:
  1. I installed Dropbox in my laptop. I put my frequently used files such as my health insurance number, KeePass database and key filles, etc. in the Dropbox folder in my hard drive. These files are synced in their internet server which also acts as my backup in case my hard drive crashes.

  2. I have DropBox portable program installed in my USB drive which has another Dropbox folder. By having this separate installation and DropBox folder, I have my synced important files in my pocket even if I don't have my laptop.

  3. I have installed Dropbox in my Google Android mobile phone. Take note that only "favorites" tagged files are always updated. Actually, I use a freeware app called DropSync so I designate a folder in my phone that will automatically sync to my DropBox server. Pro version syncs multiple folders. One quick trick is that you use your DCIM folder which contains your camera-taken photos to synchronize to your Dropbox. There is no need to copy your photos to your computer via cables, you will just go to your Dropbox folder.

  4. I have installed also Dropbox to my PlayBook.

I have tried SugarSync which is also good because it has more free space than DropBox. It has 5 GB vs. 2 GB of Dropbox. I stop using this because it not available in PlayBook. It has also a Magic Folder which will instantly sync your files. You can also designate multiple sync folders unlike in DropBox where there is only a designated DropBox folder.Previously. I also tried Microsoft Live Mesh and SkyDrive. But you know Microsoft :)

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