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Pinnacle VideoSpin - Create Your Video

I capture videos on my phone usually. I copied / synced it to my computer and put a backup copy of videos I want to join. I'm using a free program download Pinnacle VideoSpin to edit and join my videos before I upload to Facebook. In this way, in 1 video, I can show many videos in a short time.

1. Open Pinnacle VideoSpin. Go to 1 Edit Tab.

2. In the Show Titles (T), select any option and drag to timeline below. Double click the title you drag to edit.

3. In the Show Transitions icon (lightning), select any option and drag to timeline below. Go to the upper right, then click the Play button. Now, your title clip is done.

4. In the Show Videos icon (video cam), browse to the location of videos you want to join.  VideoSpin will automatically generate scene thumbnails if the clip is long. Drag the thumbnail (ex. 3rd thumbnail) to the timeline after the Title you put earlier.

5. If you want to split the clip (ex. 3rd thumbnail), move the timeline vertical bar where you want to split the clip or play the clip until you reach the scene you want to split (ex. 0:00:45.01). Delete the scene you don't want to include (ex. 0:00:45.02 onwards).

6. If you want to add more clips, text or transitions, follow step 2 onwards.

7. Go to 2 Make Movie Tab.

8. In File Type and Preset drop down menu, choose your option. I select MPEG-4 and Full size (best quality).

9. Click Create File, save and wait. Save also the project if you want to edit again later.



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