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Organize Your File

When you organize your files in your computer, searching for a particular file will be easy.
 You don't need to even use the search function of your OS. In the old days of MS-DOS, you need to memorize syntax and type commands to organize your files. Luckily, OS's of today use mouse and user-friendly GUI such as folders and icons.

In Windows, your files are located in C:/Users/Your User Name. There are several folders under there such as Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, Saved Games, Searches and your main folders such as My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, My Videos.

Windows includes now a feature called Libraries where you can add folders of different locations to a common Library folder. What it does is it groups thes folders. For ex., in Library Documents Folder, you can add locations of your documents folders such as My Documents (C:\Users\Your User Name\Documents), Public Sovuments (C:\Users\Public\Documents) and Some Folder (C:\Users\Your User Name\Some Folder).

For pictures, you can organize your files by year and specific day. Put first the year then the month then the day. Make sure to add 0 in 1 for January, ex. 01 and 0 in 7 for 7th of the Month, ex. 07 so it will sort correctly. Include the name of event for quick searching. In each folder, I also add a Facebook folder so I can place my uploaded pics which I resize before.

For music, you can organize your MP3 by genre, then by band and finally, by album. You can also add My Picks folder so you can easily know your favorites.

For office documents, you can classify it per project then by type of documents (ex. Monthly Report, Program, Drawings, etc.), finally by year.

For personal documents, you can categorize your files by current, urgent, archive and other folders.

Currently, all my folders and files are in Desktop. So when I open my computer, I can easily access my files. For me, you don't need to name your files accurately, a simple file name is enough and you just need to put them in the right organized hierarchy of folders. Sometimes, it is hard to find files even if you use the search function of your OS.


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