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Flash Drive Quick Remove

Tired of seeing this every time you plugged your USB drive? 

The reason you see this is because you didn't properly remove your USB drive before. Here's a tip to quickly remove a flash drive.

You can easily accomplish this by closing all opened files located in your USB. Then, click the up arrow in the right side of your taskbar, then click the usb icon with green checkmark and click eject for the USB drive. If necessary, close also the programs you opened when accesing files in your USB.

There is a better way to not see this message. Go to My Computer, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Disk Drives. Then, right click your USB drive and click Properties. A new window will appear, go to Policies, then select Quick Removal, finally, click ok.

Now, write caching on the drive is disabled but you can unplugged immediately it without using the Safely Remove Hardware notification icon in your taskbar. Again, make sure you saved and closed your USB files. This option is advisable for USB drive, but if you are accessing a bigger external drive, it's better to choose Better Performance option for faster access and safety on power interruption.



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