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WolframAlpha - Online Search Engine

Wolfram|Alpha is a free online service where you can find answers by doing computations base on collection of data rather than providing a list of web sites that might contain the answer like a Google, Yahoo! or Bing might give you.

It also features capability to answer natural language-based questions like "How many moon landings?". It will have an input interpratation of "Apollo landings" and answers of 6 and more details such as mission, launch date, lunar landing date, lunar landing site map locations and coordinates.

You can compute how much is the present value I need to have $1000 in 3 years at 3% (interest)

Weather in Philippines (weather)

Boracay (island)

5 coin tosses (probability) and so much more.

It covers mathematics, statistics, data analysis, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering, , astronomy, earth sciences, life sciences, computational sciences, units and measures, dates and times, weather, places and geography, people and history, culture and media, music, words and linguistics, sports and games, colors, shopping, money and finance, socioeconomic data, health and medicine, food and nutrition, education, organization, transportation, technological world, web and computer systems and new areas are added continuously.



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