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Q & A : Do I Need to Buy an LED / LCD TV?

A: Yes, buy an LED / LCD TV if you want to save space and electricity bill. 

LED / LCD display is thinner than their CRT (old TV design, yeah that bulky one) counterpart. Their common thickness is around 1 inch to 2 inches. They are much lighter too and you can carry them easily in sizes of 32 to 40 inches. Interior designers will love their minimalism aesthetic design. You can hang them on your wall. LED is the thinnest of the three.

LED and LCD displays consume also less electricity. Some 32 inches LEDs have 80 watts power compared to 140 watts of 29 inches CRTs.

3D (with or without 3D glasses), borderless or Smart TV are the newest versions of LCD TV. In 3D TV, you can watch your favorite 3D movies not only on cinemas but on your own living room. Smart TV features connectivity options such streaming video directly from your phone and online services like Facebook, YouTube and games.

How about plasma monitor? They use more electricity than LED / LCD TV, have shorter life but have superior contrast ratio (deeper blacks) and wider viewing angles. The market seems leaning towards LED and LCD displays.

Although pricier than both LCD, Plasma and CRT... in terms of design and space, LED display is my pick.

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