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Microsoft Surface Tablet w/ Windows 8 OS

Microsoft just announced Surface, a tablet with Windows 8 OS and detachable colorful keyboard which will convert it to a fully fledged laptop / notebook.

From this 1 minute video, you can see a sleek tablet with USB 3.0, micro-SD XC, front and rear facing camera and a kickstand feature for use as a laptop or for movie viewing. The display is 10.6", 16:9 widescreen HD (RT / Arm) and Full HD Display (Pro / Intel). 

There are two types available of detachable magnetic case with keyboard and trackpad. The 3mm thick Touch Cover, available in 5 colors features pressure sensitive technology which uses senses keystrokes as gestures. If you prefer typical clicky keyboard, the 5mm thick Type Cover is also available. There is a new Windows OS logo at the bottom center of the screen as well as on the kickstand. It weights 1.5 pound and 9 mm thick for the RT / Arm version and 2 pound and 13 mm for the Pro / Intel. The Pro vesion also features a stylus pen which makes it a true and real productivity and office tablet.
For the internal components, it may use Nvidia's Tegra 3 quad core CPU for RT / ARM and Intel Core i5 3rd generation Ivy Bridge for the Pro version. The Surface is made with molded magnesium casing which will be a good choice for portability. The tablet will be available in 32gb or 64gb storage for the RT / ARM and doubles it with the Pro / Intel version.

The most exciting part of this new tablet is the availability of office and productivity programs that comes with the Windows platform. Imagine, I will dump my other tablet (multimedia, portability and internet) and laptop (productivity and office use) and use this all in one device.
I hope this new tablet will compete with iPad and Android devices in terms of price. For sure, many users comfortable using Windows on their laptop and desktop will be eager to have a demo on this.



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